4 Basic Facts You Should Know About Sleep And Tips For Sleeping Better At Night

1. Why is sleep important for us?

We can never talk enough about the importance of sleep. Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health as well as our quality of life.

Why is sleep important for us

As we sleep, our brain is preparing for what happens next. Proper sleep leads to healthy brain functions, which is vital helps carry out activities well throughout the day. Improved focus for studying, decision making and creativity is cited as one of the most common benefits of good sleep.

Sleep is no doubt important for our physical health. For us adults, sleeps help recharge our energy and support healing of heart and blood vessels. It contributes to maintaining a healthy balance of hormones essential for growth and development of children. Besides, sleep is vital for our healthy immune system.

2. What happen when we suffer from sleep deficiency?

The impact of sleep deficiency can range from being minor to serious.

If you suffer from microsleep, which generally occurs when you are awake but not aware of what you do, it can result in dangerous consequence when you are driving.  Lots of accidents are due to drowsy driving.

sleep deficiency

Prolonged sleep deficiency can harm you over time. It can affect your behavior and mood, making it difficult for you to learn, work, make decision or even to get along with other people. Even worse, it can lead to chronic health problem and contribute to reasons to drive people to depression or suicide. Sleep deficiency is also linked to increased risk of obesity.

Not everyone is aware of the risks of sleep deficiency, though.

3. How much sleep is enough?

It is generally recommended that a person should sleep about 6 to 8 hours a day. As people grow older, the need to sleep basically unchanged; however, it is their … Read the rest

Strength training: what types of training are there?

Want to make progress with strength training? It is important that you follow a healthy exercise routine. This in practice is often more challenging than imagined. Especially actually dividing the muscle groups on different workouts, but also within the workouts themselves is difficult for many people. You can separate the muscle groups in a variety of ways. Meet three effective training programs: full body, push/pull/legs, upper/lower.

xstrength-training-banner.jpg.pagespeed.ic.W_SE98x6IGRead the rest

Lose weight in winter with sports

Harsh winter cold can help you to regain a toned body. You pull your clothes, a pair of athletic shoes and you’re off for a long walk or bike ride. The cold fact your body burns more calories and that’s just very important to lose weight. Use protective clothing, gloves, and warm socks you can go perfectly against the cold. The reward will be great when you are in the winter months – when it is usually difficult to lose weight – can still play lost some pounds. And take your love to the blushing cheeks and with chilblains.

Holiday Weight ManagementRead the rest

Fashion: Morpho-dresses

As you know, at over-size, we are not followers of the rules! We assume that it is important to be in our clothes and wear what we want. If it is, you will feel comfortable and it shows.

However, let us not fool ourselves, some cuts, shapes, materials will show out more value than another. It is this information that is based on this article. We, therefore, propose to discover what style of women dress that best fits your body to sublimate your curves and make you slim.


To begin, you should know that there is a form of dress that showcases all round silhouettes. This is the wrap dress! Its hide-heart neckline puts the value in the chest (do not hesitate to add a stitch, nurse at a pressure or a pin for the most generous breasts) and slightly flared part camouflages perfectly round stomach or wide hips.

A – Shaped Morphology

You have an A – shaped morphology if your hips are wider than your shoulders.

The aim is to rebalance your body by focusing on the upper body, opt for a shouldered dresses or worn with a jacket. If your dress is two-tone, you should choose one with the printed top or flashy color.


Question: should we cut of the dress?; if you do not have too much belly – or else watch the pregnant woman effect – prefer the princess cut / empire. Otherwise, the line shape is also ideal for erasing the hips and tummy. Prefer spaghetti straps or drawstring at the neck in summer to give volume to your shoulders; In Winter, you should adopt long dress or 3/4 sleeves.

No prohibition but if your hips are … Read the rest

Menswear: 8 common mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Mistake number 1: size

The curse which needs rehashing all the time: buy clothes in your size!

This advice must be qualified, because it is much more complicated than it seems. All brands do not prune in the same way, you will not be able to rely on the letter assigned to your clothes (S, M, L, XL …).

It is very common for something sized M as small as an S or an L, or even XL. How to find your way eventually? Just trying

The important during the fitting is to identify the points that pose problems for editing (shoulder very often). The garment should properly fall to these specific locations to avoid too steep bill for the deposit of your new purchase from the retouch-er.… Read the rest


How to blend in a new work society?

Freshly recruited? Your first weeks in the company will of course be decisive. So do not arrive in conquered territory … and open your eyes and ears.

Three months: this is the time for newcomers to find their place in a company, traditionally. During that time, they enjoyed extra kindness. This state of grace has now shortcut. Because businesses require immediacy more than ever, a recruit must satisfy before the end of the famous “one hundred days”.… Read the rest

How to make a bow

Making a Recurve Bow: Easy & Simple!

As you know, a lot of people try their best to know how to make a recurve bow. Some of them do that because of economic reasons whereas some people learn that in order that they can customize their bow following their preferences. Whichever, what is your reason, you cannot deny the fact that when you can make your own bow, you will have more knowledge about archery in general.

 Getting started

Before you decide to begin creating a recurve bow, the first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with a variety of parts in a bow. In order to do that, it is a good idea for you check out the diagrams and plan when making a recurve bow. It is easy for you to find these diagrams and plans in a store in your local in the case there is a bow manufacturer situated in your town.

Making a Recurve Bow - DiagramRead the rest


Have you ever heard that somebody tells you that you have become thicker while someone else one day later firmly claims that you have lost weight. It just happens because on both days you do not wear the same clothes. Probably not!

Because with clothes you can do more than you think. Therefore it is important not only what clothes to choose or you find it beautiful, but also what effect the garment. What makes you seem slimmer in? We have a number of rules for you that can help you in choosing ‘creative slim’ clothing.… Read the rest

stroller review

Some tips for Choosing Stroller for Your Baby

Most parents are faced with the choice of the stroller when a baby is looming. Should we choose a scalable stroller or pram 1st age? Should we choose a stroller or a carrycot and accept the cost? What brand should you choose? Choosing a stroller is just as tricky as choosing a crib especially for new parents.

The various types of strollers

sit-n-stand stroller

Before buying a stroller, know that there are different types to choose from depending on the age of the baby. Equipped only with a frame and a hammock, conventional strollers only are used from birth if the hammock can lie entirely. Otherwise, the platform is the best solution. Needing to 18 hours of sleep a day, it keeps baby lying to respect the best sleep. Depending on your choice, the car can even be used as the main bed and can attach to the stroller. This functionality is included on the stroller 1 in 3 with other possibilities such as the combination with a cover, that it better suits a baby over 3 months.


mom pushing her two children in a sit n stand ultra

Suitable for babies over six months, the pram pushchair will be able to accommodate all the needs of your child. This makes it possible to install baby facing the road or facing you for more safety. From 6 months baby can sit in the stroller seat or hammock. It can thus enjoy walks while observing everything that surrounds it. When baby grows and becomes heavier, you can opt for a second stroller age. More light and handy, it will allow you to walk your child to the age of 4 years. One can also find multiplace ideal with best stroller for twins.

You understand that the choice of the stroller must be done according to age and number of children.… Read the rest

Home Humidifiers

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Humidifiers

Dry winter is coming, bring along the cold wind and snow. As the temperature drops and moisture in the air dries out, you will feel various symptoms like sore throat, dry skin, and chapped lips. An easy and inexpensive way to make your body feel comfortable again is using a humidifier: it brings back the amount of humidity you need into the air. With various types and features available, you can easily feel confused of what to pick for your home. The following comprehensive guide of will help you know exactly what to look for in buying the best humidifier for your need.

Home Humidifiers


1. Warm mist or cold mist

Humidifiers are categorized into two main types: warm mist and cool mist. Before moving on to other product features, it is necessary that you decide first if you want warm mist or cool mist humidifier.

  • Warm mist humidifier

This type of humidifier makes your room warmer than it actually is by using a heating element to boil the water and then releasing the steam into the air. It runs on electricity. The possibility of bacteria in the boiled water is low; impurities are left behind in the humidifier and can be removed manually.

The moisture in the room increases thanks to water evaporation; as no fan is used, the device operates very quietly.

You should think about purchasing a warm mist humidifier when you live in cold climate. However, consider it for small areas (like your bedroom).  As it needs electricity to heat water and produce steam, it consumes more energy than a cool mist humidifier. Also, be careful using it in a room with children because they may get burned by the hot stream.

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Top 10 Body Weight Home Exercises

Top 10 Body Weight Home Exercises

As a self-employed, old-school personal trainer, I could care less about going to the gym to use their fancy “don’t do a damn thing for me” equipment, working there to get half of my training wages taken, and paying $40 per month just to get in shape when I can do that at home for free! If you’re anything like me, knowing something that you need or want is free is music to my ears (along with my girlfriend saying dinner is readyJ).  Anyway, let’s get to the topic at hand. With the exception of one, these home exercises can be done strictly with your own body weight without any equipment. In reverse order, I will list the most effective body-weight exercises that you can do to go from a zero to a hero…..okay that was corny! On to the top 10 list!

Top 10 Body Weight Home Exercises

#10 Planks

Trust me fellas, you won’t be smiling like this pretty young thang when you’re doing planks over 1 minute! Planks are an isometric core exercise that is dedicated to helping you see those glorious six-pack abs that you have seen on your favorite actor. In addition to the abdominal muscles, this exercise also strengthens other parts of the upper body, including shoulders and back. If you get good at these, perhaps you can try to challenge George Hood who holds the world record for holding a plank position for over 3 hours! Good luck beating that!… Read the rest

trampoline advantages

What Shape of Trampoline Do You Want to Purchase?

In order to serve the entertainment demands of users, numerous trampoline models are available on the market with the variation is shapes, sizes, heights, features, etc…For some people, especially who haven’t had experience in buying the trampoline, finding the best models which could last for years is a difficult task. Fortunately, we are here today to help you overcome this challenge. Among different factors affecting the purchasing decisions, shape is an important element which essentially contributes to the safety and effectiveness of a trampoline. Our article aims at demonstrating specific personalities of each type of trampoline shape for you to purchase. Keep on reading and find out which best shape of trampoline is for you.

best Shape of Trampoline

When purchasing a trampoline, you are offered 5 main types of shapes, including round, rectangular, square, octagonal, and oval. Each of them has both strengths and weaknesses which allow the specific applications for different types of customers.

Shape of Trampoline


Round shape is considered as the most popular type nowadays thanks to the light-weight design, affordable price and high safety. With a great number of shapes and sizes, it is suitable for both small and large backyards. For beginners, this type of trampoline is a great option to do various exercises. It makes jumpers concentrate on the trampoline central and helps reduce risks of falling down. One important thing you had better bear into your mind is the allowance of only one user for each time of jumping. It is not recommended for a group of different jumpers at one time.… Read the rest

Massage Cushions at Work

Massage Cushions at Work

Treat yourself as a golden customer as same as in spa centers with an efficient massage cushions. Coming with 220 volt of power adapter, you could take advantage of the massage cushion to relieve your pains on back, shoulders and necks as well as enjoy the remarkable comfort. Understanding the huge importance of a massage cushion in the workplace, many businesses are applying this method to enhance the productivity of employees and revenue of the company.

Massage Cushions at Work
Massage Cushions at Work

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Reasons Causing to Pains

Most of people nowadays have to deal with serious health symptoms from back pains. Especially, it often occurs with office workers or people with household chores. If this issue is not treated and prevented well, it may lead to chronic back pain and poor posture. It strongly proves that these problems related to back pains could be solved effectively, if you have right massage cushions.

Moreover, human source is the value of a company. An organization with strong team of employees could improve job satisfaction and limit the absentness.… Read the rest

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks that are Sweet

A quick search on the internet will always give you countless healthy snacks that are sweet. These are snacks that will not only leave you fuller but will always ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet. With the increased cases of weight gain and obesity, you cannot afford to risk adding on some weight. It is thus quite advisable to always make informed decision when taking any snack.

Healthy Snacks

Whether homemade or bought in the market, always ensure that you are having healthy dinners under 200 calories. This will ensure that you are losing more calories than you are taking in. this way, the process of losing that extra weight will be no hard task. More often than not, we take in snacks without caring about the cholesterol content. In the long run, you will just be making circles trying to lose some weight. If you have to take any snack or dish, insist on knowing the cholesterol content. It will only do you well than harm.… Read the rest