Reasons to Consider Renting a Beach House on Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island sits at the southeastern tip of North Carolina where the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Fear River meet. It’s a small island and somewhat remote, making it a good place to get away if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Keep reading to discover three reasons why you should consider renting a Bald Head Island house, like the rental properties offered by Sea Breeze Rentals, for your next vacation.

Connect with Nature

If you’re ready to get outside, Bald Head Island provides a great location to explore. Take a hike through the Bald Head Woods Maritime Forest Preserve where you’re likely to see raccoons, deer, squirrels, and a variety of birds. Next, tour the Bald Head Island Conservancy to learn about the island’s natural environment. If you’re ready for a little outdoor adventure, try kayaking or surfing.

Enjoy the Quiet

Cars aren’t allowed on the island, so it’s a quiet, safe place to hike and bike. There aren’t any chain restaurants or souvenir stores, so it’s a simple place to visit.

To get to the island, you’ll need to take a ferry. Once there, you’ll get around by golf cart or bicycle. If you need a break from today’s busy world, keep an eye out for north carlina beach houses for rent on Bald Head Island so you can enjoy the tranquility the island provides.


Bald Head is a small island with a lot of history behind it. Visit Old Baldy, the island’s historic lighthouse. The lighthouse was completed in 1817 and decommissioned during the Civil War. Fort Holmes, a Civil War-era stronghold, is located nearby if you want to learn a little more about the history of the area.

Bald Head Island is a unique vacation destination. Known for its slower pace of life, the small island offers visitors a way to connect with nature and themselves. On your trip to the island, you’ll be able to hike the trails, ride the waves, or just sit back and relax.…

3 Amazing Places to Visit in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular vacation destination for people from countries all over the world. Its white-sand beaches, clear blue waters, and beautiful terrain make it a place you’ll want to visit time and again.

If you’re planning a trip to a Dominican Republic vacation resort, keep reading to find out some of the best activities this island in the Caribbean has to offer.

Hoyo Azul

The Hoyo Azul is a natural pool with crystal clear blue waters. It’s located at the base of a cliff and is surrounded by the rainforest. Known to the locals as the Blue Hole, the Hoyo Azul offers a refreshing place to swim and explore. To get there, you’ll have to cross a suspension bridge and take a short hike past an orchid garden. Once you’ve arrived, you can use the stairs to reach the turquoise waters or jump right in. Whatever you choose, visiting the Hoyo Azul is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Macao Beach

Don’t miss Macao Beach on your trip to the Dominican Republic. Macao Beach is popular with both locals and visitors thanks to its white sand and clear waters. If you want to do more than play in the sand and splash in the water, it’s a great place to try your hand at surfing.

National Park of the East

The National Park of the East is one of the Dominican Republic’s most biologically diverse land reserves. Home to more than 500 species of plants and hundreds of species of fish, birds, and insects, the park provides an amazing opportunity to explore the outdoors. Whether you want to take a quiet hike or a spend your day scuba diving, you’ll be able to do it at the National Park of the East.

When you’re planning your trip to the Dominican Republic, try to make plans to visit the three locations mentioned in this article. They’re some of the most beautiful areas in the world and three of the Dominican Republic’s most treasured locations.…

The most effective method to Stay Safe While Traveling in Myanmar

As amazing and fascinating Myanmar is to make a trip to, much the same as with any new place whether down the road, over your town, state or even over the globe, it pays to remain safe. Remaining safe doesn’t imply that you’re heading out to a perilous place yet it implies that you behave so that you boost your own security and wellbeing paying little respect to where you go. This is genuine when heading out to Rome, Italy or London, England or for this situation Myanmar. Remember the accompanying tips so you appreciate the intriguing charms of Myanmar without getting your desires dashed or returning home with a terrible preference for your mouth about this Southeast Asian concealed travel diamond.

Adventure Out With a Tour Group for Myanmar tours

While going voyaging, in the case of looking at Bagan, investigating the fascinating sanctuaries of Yangon or taking in the precolonial wonder and loftiness of Mandalay, you have to go with a gathering of individuals ideally with your visit aggregate alongside your visit guides. Typically, paying little mind to where you’re voyaging, regardless of whether that is in Europe, America or Asia, when you’re in a visit gathering, you are less vulnerable to wrongdoing or different perils on the grounds that there’s security in numbers. Besides, since every one of you is voyaging together in a gathering will probably pay special mind to one another.

Travel During Daytime Hours

Most wrongdoings happen amid evening hours that is the reason it’s urgent that you mastermind every one of your exercises to be amid daytime hours when going in Myanmar. In a perfect world, you should travel why it’s cool. Much the same as any tropical Southeast Asian nations, Myanmar can extremely hot and muggy particularly around early afternoon. It’s a smart thought to accumulate and get the gathering together at the break of day break, take off and look at the destinations, hit the neighborhood eateries and have a ball before early afternoon. Along these lines, it’s still generally cool and you appreciate the security of being out visible to everyone.

Spotlight on Common Tourist Spots When Traveling in Myanmar

By constructing your movement schedule in light of areas that are outfitted towards explorers, you gain an additional proportion of security on the grounds that these spots as of now expect visitors and made arrangements for your wellbeing and security. Contrast this with going with a detect that is very remote and is new to voyagers and explorers. In that specific circumstance, you may very well open yourself up to a wide range of dangers and security issues. It’s vastly improved to center around regular places of interest and yet genuinely getting a charge out of the neighborhood attractions. This implies you don’t need to visit shams however you can even now appreciate a genuinely satisfying and fulfilling outlandish travel involvement.

Nothing ruins a trek more regrettable than security and wellbeing issues. Amplify your delight in Myanmar by following the …

Shopping hubs in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is of the biggest tourist attractions in India. With a view of Shivalik hills and Doon valley, the hill station is famous for adventure sports and sightseeing. It is known for its colonial charm, beautiful churches, and scenic surroundings.

Shopping is an essential for every place and Mussoorie doesn’t falter in this arena either. There are many shopping places in the city which may grab your attention with wooden decorative items, Shawls, Tibetan Prayer wheels, handicrafts, handmade jewelry and woolen clothes etc.

  1. The Mall Road- Within 900 m radius from the best resort in Uttarakhand. It is traditional in its ambience, with a blend of modern luxury giving an ideal retreat from the hustle bustle of the city lives. Lined up with local shops dealing with knick-knacks, souvenirs, apparels, and home décor, this market is always crowded.
  2. Tibetan Market- Bargaining skills are a prerequisite for this market. Famous for being trendy with fashionable clothes and jewellery. The area is also famous for its momos, Tibetan delicacies, Tibetan woodwork, prayer wheels, woven carpets and footwear.
  3. Classic emporium- For people who have fallen in love with handicrafts, this place would be your favourite spot. Providing innumerable varieties of Tibetan lampshades, sculptures and decorative pieces, the place was established just 40 years ago and has flourished since then.
  4. Himalayan Weavers- Established in 2005, it is a local co-operative that helps in promoting local product and promotes participation from the society. Famous for Pashmina shawls, scarfs, and sweaters, the speciality of these products is that they are made using natural dye.
  5. Kulri Bazar- Located in the south end of Mall road and studded with apparels, local handicrafts, stylish footwear, silver jewellery to lip- smacking cakes and confectionaries, it is one of the most wanted shopping hubs in Mussoorie.

This place certainly isn’t a shopaholic’s heaven, but that doesn’t stop tourists from booking their stay here to explore the hill station for items to buy. With the most apt temperature and picture perfect view, this hill station is the most beautiful escape one can demand to spend a long weekend in.…

Train Journey from Mumbai to Bangalore

Trains are without a doubt the cheapest mode of transportation. If you are a Mumbaikar, you would definitely agree to the fact that locals have sorted people’s lives to a great extent. Travelling for work and back is made easier by the availability of trains.

There are a total of 21 to 22 trains that run between Mumbai and Bangalore. It takes about 24-32 hours to reach Bangalore from Mumbai. Udyan Express and Coimbatore Express travel between Central Mumbai to Majestic in Bangalore. The tickets cost roughly 600 INR for sleeper coach and 1400 INR for 3rd AC. Traveling by sleeper class can be a bad experience as a lot of people board the train near Gulbarga and they occupy seats without your permission. You don’t have to keep thinking about where is my train before boarding as there are many online applications available to help you out with tracking.

Things to look out for in the journey:

On your way, between Palasdari and Khandala, one can enjoy the view of the mesmerizing “Bhor Ghat”. It is a mountainous bypass that connects Pune and Nasik via Igatpuri. During the journey, you will find yourself travelling through dark tunnels that often lead ways to beautiful green mountains! If you travel during the rains, the sight is even prettier!

There is also a scissor’s crossing at Bablad, wherein one train makes way for another to pass. These types of crossings are used when the landscape is uneven. Bablad is the only station wherein the Udyan Express clashes with the timings of the LTT-CBE Express, and one train has to make way for the other.

Udyan Express- Timings, Arrival, Departure:

The Udyan Express is considered to be the best train connecting the route between Mumbai and Bangalore. It runs on all days, departing from Mumbai CSM Terminus and arriving at KSR Bengaluru City Junction. This train consists of 1A, 2A, 3A, and Sleeper Classes. Estimated time to reach Bangalore is 24 Hours and 40 minutes. The distance covered is 1152kms and average speed maintained is 47 km/hr. This train departs from Dadar Central at 08:25 and arrives KSR Bengaluru City Junction at 08:50 on the first day. 11301 Udyan Express has around 34 halt stations in its route including the source and destination stations.

Coimbatore Express- Timings, Arrival, Departure:

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus- Coimbatore Express trains (11012 /11014) are a daily running express train that is operated by Central Railway zone. It runs between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (Mumbai) and Coimbatore Junction. It has 34 halt stations, including the source and destination stations. The distance travelled is 1514kms. The average journey time is estimated 32 hours and 25 minutes. This train consists of AC 3 Tier, Sleeper 3 Tier, and Unreserved classes. There is no catering facility available in this train. It operates at a speed of 47 km/hour. Train number 11013 leaves LTT at 22:35 hours and reaches Coiumbatore at 07:00 hours on the third day. Train number 11014 leaves Coimbatore Junction …

Top 5 Destinations For A Family Holiday In 2018

The chance to get together as a family and enjoy some of your favourite moments are a great way to bond and cherish each others company. You can enjoy activities, the beaches, the sun, sand and plenty of entertainment as a family. However, the most stressful part of a holiday is finding the right destination to go to cater to everyone. As we move closer to the Autumn and Winter seasons there’s no better time to book your perfect family holiday. If you’re unsure about where to go here are a few ideas for you.


Looking for a tropical and vibrant destination that gives a bit of a wow factor for the family to enjoy? Why not explore Hawaii which is filled with stunning beaches and beautiful ocean water. It’s not just a popular holiday destination for couples. There’s plenty to keep the children occupied with many activities to enjoy, there really is plenty to do. From donkey riding to helicopter and aeroplane tours, it really is an ideal destination for families to enjoy.

Orlando, Florida

There’s no better destination to keep the kids entertained than the home of the Walt Disney Resort. They can outlive some of their favourite childhood memories in the Hogwarts Express and meet some of their favourite cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Minnie and Mickey Mouse. It’s not just the kids that keep entertained too, there’s plenty to do for every member of the family so there’s enough for everyone.

Algarve, Portugal

Home to some of the world’s gorgeous beaches, it’s a brilliant destination for a family who are just looking to kick back and enjoy the blazing Sun in their lounge chair. The coastline provides golden swept sand and crystal clear water. There is also ideal accommodation to suit the whole family ranging from Algarve villa rentals to 5-star hotels, so there are options to cater to your requirements.

Berlin, Germany

If it’s a city break with an educational and exploration type feel to it, being one of the biggest cities in Europe, Berlin will provide you with plenty to do. Home to some of the best museums and galleries that a place can offer, they’re all ideal for families to enjoy and learn. If you still need an excuse there’s also plenty of food and drink to tuck into so your family will never go hungry.

Dublin, Ireland

Another ideal city break destination on the list, Dublin is a lively and entertaining place that boasts a friendly atmosphere welcoming to everyone of all ages. It can be on the more expensive side from the prices of local restaurants and pubs which it’s well known for, but it’s all worth it considering the experiences you can have in and around the city. As it’s a small city, it’s also relatively easy to get around so there won’t be too much complaining about the travelling side of it.

These options are different in their own way so it provides you with a …

The Best Places To Live & Work In The UK

The UK is made up of some wonderful cities in which to live and work. From the vibrant culture of Brighton to the rolling hills of the Lake District, there are many attractive reasons to come and set up a new life in the UK. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to live and work in the UK:

Edinburgh, Scotland

In a study by the Royal Mail, Edinburgh was voted the UK’s most attractive city due to its vast green space, which makes up 28% of the city, and its historic background and sights. The city also excelled in areas such as education, community, earnings, job opportunities and business, with office space costing half the price of the cost of London office space, making it a fantastic place to work or set up business.

The vibrant city also boasts a fantastic social scene. With quirky bars and fine dining dotted all across the city. Edinburgh also hosts the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo every year in August, as well as the Hogmanay New Year celebrations which sees three days of spectacular events, such as street parties, fireworks and live music, across the city.

London, England

London is famous for its bustling nature and famous landmarks. Despite its high costs, London came in at close second as a fantastic place to live and work in the UK, largely due the lively business scene and higher than average wages that employees can expect to receive.

The downside, however, is that the cost of a renting or purchasing a flat in London is with the cost of property in the capital almost three times as much as property in the Midlands and four times the average house price in Scotland.

York, England

Back in March of this year, York topped the polls and was named the best place to live in Britain in a survey by The Sunday Times. York’s heritage, including its public museums and beautifully crafted building, combined with its hi-tech and mini-metropolis nature saw it secure the top spot.

Manchester, England

Boasting an impressive 32% of green space, as well as a strong business community, it’s easy to see why Manchester is amongst the best places to live and work in the UK. The city is also famous for being home to two major premiership football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City, as well as the birthplace of music icons such as Oasis, The Stone Roses and Take That.

Creativity lurks around every corner. From quirky shops to hidden eateries in the Northern Quarter to artistic cocktails and fine-dining in Spinningfields. With vibrant surrounding cosmopolitan towns such as Altrincham, Chorlton and Prestwich on the outskirts, as well as beautiful countryside locations such as Uppermill, Rivington and numerous Country Parks on the doorstep of the city, Manchester offers access to a whole range of tastes and lifestyle desires.

Cardiff, Wales

If you have always fancied living by the sea then Cardiff is the ideal place …

Best Destinations for Under 30s to Try

Picking out a holiday when you’re under can either be the easiest choice in the world or prove too tricky to decide. Most peoples choices come from recommendations from friends and advertisements but if you’re thinking of going somewhere a bit different for your next holiday, and you want to start booking now, here’s a look at some of the best destinations around the world for under 30’s which you will be recommending to your friend once you’ve been.


Everyone has obviously heard of the capital of Japan, but it’s not somewhere people often decide to visit. Tokyo offers a fantastic experience of one of the busiest cities in the world combined with both novelty and breakthrough technology with every encounter you make in the city. From parking your car to buying food in a restaurant, there are advancements in every industry that haven’t been offered to the rest of the world yet. Plus, you can venture outside of the city and experience tranquil scenery and sunsets of Japan.


It’s slowly becoming a more popular destination for everyone to explore and for under 30’s it’s worth seeing as you might even want to consider starting a new life in one of the most desirable places to live in the world. With beautiful mountains, the cleanest cities and the biggest waterfall in the world, there isn’t a particular place in Canada to suggest.


Travelling around Italy gives you hundreds of different landmarks and cities to explore, and the travelling distance between the different places isn’t too long. Rome itself can be explored for a full holiday but if you what to travel around, Milan, Florence and Venice with show you how wonderful Italy is. Taking a travel neck pillow might make the bus/ train journeys much more comfortable while hopping between cities.


If you have the money to adventure to the other side of the world, Rio offers some of the most exciting beaches in the world. Constant celebrations and street festival occur in Rio and there is rarely a dull moment is Brazil, and there are plenty of cultural sites to see in between your days relaxing on the beach. And while travelling to Brazil can be costly, the cost out there makes up the difference with affordable accommodation, food and drink.

Adventuring to any of these places is sure to his you a once in a lifetime experience and you and see the cultural differences of being on an entirely different continent. The majority of these destinations will require a fair bit of travel with some potential changes in between so be sure to bring your travelling pillow, a blanket and a tablet for entertainment.…

Diagram of visit bundle to Myanmar

It is regularly observed that when we intend to go to some place we generally endeavor to keep our costs inside spending plan. This is very self-evident. To be exceptionally straight to the point there are numerous spots on this planet who offer a reasonable spending plan to its travelers. One such place is Myanmar or Burma. The place which is one of the neighboring nations of India has been honored with some amazing regular wonders. It appears that god has made a little paradise on earth.

Thought regarding the visit bundle: There are abundant travel organizations who give Myanmar visit bundle at a much marked down rate. It has been discovered that the greater part of the movement administrators quote their Myanmar 7days tour packages visit bundle cost without including the pertinent charges. Thus it is constantly better to request an entire value quote that incorporates – assess segments as well as every single other cost too, for example, settlement, exchange, feasting, extra charges, control charges, and so forth. Then again likewise ensure that every one of these segments is represented when you are contrasting the arrangements in light of cost. It is exceptionally imperative and ought to be constantly remembered.

Other than this most Myanmar visit bundles offer complimentary breakfast, a couple of which may even offer lunch or supper or now and again both. When all is said in done, you might not have any desire to pick all suppers as you will spend the vast majority of your day touring and other kind of exercises. Also, you should need to encounter other eatery and nearby cooking. In such case, ensure that your visit is custom fitted and arranged appropriately.

The part of movement organizations: In the present time the majority of the movement organizations assume an extremely critical part if there should be an occurrence of travelers. They have their own sites that give sufficient data about every last visit. Truth be told Myanmar tour package and visits is an exceptionally indispensable visit organization. Beginning from magnificent lakes to brilliant shake all are arranged by them remarkably. Mandalay which is the second capital of Myanmar is currently known as the way of life focus since it was the last capital of Myanmar Kingdom. Truly it is the most run of the mill of the nation’s huge urban communities, a place where it approaches the core of Myanmar. With the number of inhabitants in around one million, Mandalay is an exchanging focus because of its halfway area. It is such a critical place, to the point that every last visit organization incorporates this place in their visit arranging. Not a long way from Mandalay, there is somewhere else named Sagaing. After the fall of Bagan, Sagaing turned into the capital however just for a brief span.

In this manner it can be all around accepted frame the above realities that Myanmar has magnificence in every last corner of its state. In the event that you are intending …

How to travel safe on a vacation?

Safety is a very crucial topic when talking about travelling. All the point covered in this

following article are either out of experience or advice was given by frequent travellers.

Here’s a list of few practical advice, will help you to stay safe while you travel. And these

tips are applicable to almost any location all over the world.

Usually, there is no good or a bad city as crime can happen anywhere. We’re just trying

to improve your travel experience with our simple yet very useful tips.

1) Learn the language

If you’re planning to stay longer at a particular location, the first important thing to do is learn the

language of that region. It will not only make your travel experience enriching but also help you

deal with the problems if you run into any.

2) Be well educated about your destination

Before you visit any city you should be aware of the areas which are safe and those which can

be dangerous for any tourists. Also, it is advisable to not access any unknown places at night,

you never know what kind of trouble you might end up in. If you’ve not done proper research about

the place make sure you talk to the locals or even at the reception of your hotel. These guys

know the city better than you and give you better options on where to go and the places you

should avoid.

3) Don’t show your valuables around

Never carry valuables on your vacation. And even if you do so, be sure to not flaunt them

around. Sometimes you cannot help but carry it when its about high-end camera and your

smartphone. In that case, do not make it too obvious for the burglars to attack by showing off

your belongings. Carry it only when it’s needed.

4) Keep important contacts handy

If you’re robbed or you find a misuse of your card in that case you should call your credit card

provider immediately and ask him to block your card. You should take quick actions without

wasting much time. You’ll find these emergency numbers on the back of your card. Be sure you

have these numbers noted down separately to use it in such cases. Let say if you’re travelling

via Mumbai to Goa flights and you find some transactions are being made without your

concern, you can’t travel all the way to Mumbai to sort out the issue with your bank, that is why

you should keep these number handy when you’re out of town.

5) Go out as a group

It is applicable to almost every place, as the sun goes down it gets more dangerous to stroll

especially if you’re a tourist. But if you’re planning to enjoy a night out it’s always good to go out

in a group, so that you can take care of one another.

6) Avoid getting totally drunk

When you’re in a new city excessive drinking could lead you in trouble. When you’re …