Beautify Your Home With These Simple Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaningSpring is just around the corner. Can’t you tell with all the birds singing and the sun shining brightly? So, now that the warmer weather has arrived, what else is there to do but prep your home for barbecues and outdoor get-togethers! Your home can be more relaxing, entertaining and comfortable. Simply use these tips to get a little bit of cleaning done and your home will be ready for a wonderful summer season!

Fridge and Freezer

Be honest. Hasn’t it been a while since your fridge and freezer were properly cleaned? Don’t fret. All of us neglect the fridge and freezer from time to time. There are often more pressing issues at hand around the house. Yet, neglecting this important area is risky because of the danger of germs building up in there. Take time to clean the shelves thoroughly by removing them from the fridge and wiping them clean before replacing them. Make it a point to do a deep clean like this every few months.

Underneath the Beds

Out of sight is out of mind. Continuously shoving things under the beds eventually has its drawbacks. Now is a good time to go under each one and clean everything out. Too much clutter creates a breeding ground for germs and dust. The result is increased allergen build-up and breathing problems.

Take a minute to declutter the items that are there and think about donating them. If you can’t, think about hiring a storage unit for these items. You will know where you put these things and you will get to keep your under-bed areas clutter and dust-free!

Now you can get under the beds, consider hiring commercial floor cleaning services to give that carpet or hard floor a deep clean. And while you’ve got them, pull out your other furniture too – who knows what you’ll find under the sofa!


Obviously, no one enjoys the thought of cleaning out a dust bin, but please do. You don’t want mold growing in any of them. So, at least once a year, give every bin in the house a good washing. Dump out all of the trash, and soak it with a mix of hot water and washing-up liquid. After a bit, remove the bin, and let it dry for a few hours. Next, scrub it well, and finish it off with a spray of multi-purpose disinfectant.


Most everyone works to keep the front of every cupboard in the house clean, but what about the inside? Spring is the perfect time to tackle this forgotten area. Some of your cupboards are not so forgotten if they hold china or drinking glasses. That’s because these cupboards get daily use. The ones that are hosting some of your lesser-used pieces are another story.

Take everything out of each cupboard. This includes your over-stuffed, under-sink cupboard which probably contains loads of cleaning items. Go through everything and weed out what you don’t want. Next, wipe down the shelves and let them dry. Replace your items and enjoy a breath of fresh air every time you open a cupboard. Don’t forget to give the outsides a quick clean too.

Now that you have done all of the tasks above, your home is ready for a wonderful, fresh, clean spring and summer season. Get-togethers will be more pleasant than ever, especially when you can find all your barbecue tools and outdoor dining accessories within reach. You and your family can relax more and enjoy more with a clean, clutter-free home.

If you have any items which you could not part with during your spring clean up, don’t worry. Simply rent a self-storage solution. You will love being able to keep these items safe and sound as well as out of the way.

Your whole home will feel new and fresh with the cleaning that you did for the summer season. You will also enjoy knowing that you have freed up a lot of space in the house by storing your non-daily items in your safe, secure storage unit nearby.