Bed and breakfast in Italy: the ideal place to discover breathtaking sceneries

During the years the Bed & breakfast has become the perfect solution for those who love to travel and stay in a cozy, less standardized than hotel, but at the same time rich in comfort accommodation. Initially preferred by young people and travelers with no great expectations, in the last few years bed and breakfast changed, offering exclusive stays even to the most demanding travelers who can choose to stay in castles and historic homes, for example.

The term “bed and breakfast” summarizes the type of service offered by these accommodations. These structures can only provide a limited number of guest rooms and they have very welcoming and tastefully decorated environments. The rooms are differently decorated in contrast to the anonymous hotel rooms and each set is perfectly suited to the theme chosen for the room.

Another very important point to think about is their strategic position. Most bed and breakfast are in very interesting locations, more and more often in close contact with nature to meet the needs of those who love long walks in the woods but at the same time do not want to give up organizing their stay moving comfortably into the center. Some of the most beautiful bed and breakfast in Italy are for example in Sicily, a land rich in history, culture and traditions that offers its visitors a mild climate for most of the seasons, breathtaking scenery, scenic sunsets and beautiful countryside or places on the coast all to visit and admire.

In this land the Mediterranean offers such unique and intense aromas and flavors that only unspoiled nature can give. Sicily is the largest island in Italy and is coincided with a number of very famous little islands: Aeolian, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Ustica. And let’s not forget the evocative volcanoes, some of which never fit like Etna and Stromboli. A fascination enriched by precious archaeological evidence that tells the ancient origins of Trinacria (ancient name of Sicily), and the many monuments, a testimony of an art that has been forged over the centuries.

Another very important point that characterizes the bed and breakfast is undoubtedly the kind of reception that hosts in this environment. In a family context, welcome is much more warm than the one you receive in any hotel, the owners are more available to provide information and help the guest to feel comfortable and they also know the place very well and they are able to advise customers on what to see and activities to do. In a bed and breakfast who arrives is a guest and not a customer.

The basic difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel is that in b&b you feel like guests of a family and not paying customers to occupy a room as it does in standardized hotel.
For those who love the quiet and intimate surroundings, the bed and breakfast is definitely the ideal choice. Generally, these structures are small and family-run, providing greater privacy for the guest and a greater sense of security especially for women. This type of structure allows the tourist to know closely the habits and the real life of the visited countries.