Best Destinations for Under 30s to Try

Picking out a holiday when you’re under can either be the easiest choice in the world or prove too tricky to decide. Most peoples choices come from recommendations from friends and advertisements but if you’re thinking of going somewhere a bit different for your next holiday, and you want to start booking now, here’s a look at some of the best destinations around the world for under 30’s which you will be recommending to your friend once you’ve been.


Everyone has obviously heard of the capital of Japan, but it’s not somewhere people often decide to visit. Tokyo offers a fantastic experience of one of the busiest cities in the world combined with both novelty and breakthrough technology with every encounter you make in the city. From parking your car to buying food in a restaurant, there are advancements in every industry that haven’t been offered to the rest of the world yet. Plus, you can venture outside of the city and experience tranquil scenery and sunsets of Japan.


It’s slowly becoming a more popular destination for everyone to explore and for under 30’s it’s worth seeing as you might even want to consider starting a new life in one of the most desirable places to live in the world. With beautiful mountains, the cleanest cities and the biggest waterfall in the world, there isn’t a particular place in Canada to suggest.


Travelling around Italy gives you hundreds of different landmarks and cities to explore, and the travelling distance between the different places isn’t too long. Rome itself can be explored for a full holiday but if you what to travel around, Milan, Florence and Venice with show you how wonderful Italy is. Taking a travel neck pillow might make the bus/ train journeys much more comfortable while hopping between cities.


If you have the money to adventure to the other side of the world, Rio offers some of the most exciting beaches in the world. Constant celebrations and street festival occur in Rio and there is rarely a dull moment is Brazil, and there are plenty of cultural sites to see in between your days relaxing on the beach. And while travelling to Brazil can be costly, the cost out there makes up the difference with affordable accommodation, food and drink.

Adventuring to any of these places is sure to his you a once in a lifetime experience and you and see the cultural differences of being on an entirely different continent. The majority of these destinations will require a fair bit of travel with some potential changes in between so be sure to bring your travelling pillow, a blanket and a tablet for entertainment.