How to travel safe on a vacation?

Safety is a very crucial topic when talking about travelling. All the point covered in this

following article are either out of experience or advice was given by frequent travellers.

Here’s a list of few practical advice, will help you to stay safe while you travel. And these

tips are applicable to almost any location all over the world.

Usually, there is no good or a bad city as crime can happen anywhere. We’re just trying

to improve your travel experience with our simple yet very useful tips.

1) Learn the language

If you’re planning to stay longer at a particular location, the first important thing to do is learn the

language of that region. It will not only make your travel experience enriching but also help you

deal with the problems if you run into any.

2) Be well educated about your destination

Before you visit any city you should be aware of the areas which are safe and those which can

be dangerous for any tourists. Also, it is advisable to not access any unknown places at night,

you never know what kind of trouble you might end up in. If you’ve not done proper research about

the place make sure you talk to the locals or even at the reception of your hotel. These guys

know the city better than you and give you better options on where to go and the places you

should avoid.

3) Don’t show your valuables around

Never carry valuables on your vacation. And even if you do so, be sure to not flaunt them

around. Sometimes you cannot help but carry it when its about high-end camera and your

smartphone. In that case, do not make it too obvious for the burglars to attack by showing off

your belongings. Carry it only when it’s needed.

4) Keep important contacts handy

If you’re robbed or you find a misuse of your card in that case you should call your credit card

provider immediately and ask him to block your card. You should take quick actions without

wasting much time. You’ll find these emergency numbers on the back of your card. Be sure you

have these numbers noted down separately to use it in such cases. Let say if you’re travelling

via Mumbai to Goa flights and you find some transactions are being made without your

concern, you can’t travel all the way to Mumbai to sort out the issue with your bank, that is why

you should keep these number handy when you’re out of town.

5) Go out as a group

It is applicable to almost every place, as the sun goes down it gets more dangerous to stroll

especially if you’re a tourist. But if you’re planning to enjoy a night out it’s always good to go out

in a group, so that you can take care of one another.

6) Avoid getting totally drunk

When you’re in a new city excessive drinking could lead you in trouble. When you’re drunk

you become easy targets for criminals. So take it a bit easy and do not indulge in over drinking

to avoid unnecessary troubles.

7) Keep an eye on your drink

While partying you not should forget to take care of your drink. Keep your drink close to and

keep an eye.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”