Incredible Things to do in Mysore

Mysore was originally known as ‘Mysuru’ by the Karnataka state locals. Later in 2014, it was changed to Mysore. The city is the second largest city after Bangalore in Karnataka. The city offers easy connectivity options.

Mysore has several direct and connecting flights from leading metropolitan cities. For instance, if you are travelling from Hyderabad, you may choose Bangalore Hyderabad flight to Bangalore, and then take the road to Mysore. And when you approach this wonderful place, do not forget to visit these places mentioned below.

1.     Explore the Mysore Palace

The Mysore palace is the first and foremost place to visit. It is a royal residence of Maharajas also known as ‘Ambavilas’. The Palace has lavish Indo-Saracenic interiors, a kaleidoscope of stained glasses, mirrors and colours. The paintings of the royal family members and other objects of the palace are astonishing to see.

The entry ticket for Indians and foreigners (above 10 years): Rs 50 and for kids Rs 30

The timings are from 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM for an everyday visit. For Light and Sound Show, the timings are 7:00 PM -7:45 PM every Monday to Saturday.

Location: Purandara Dasa road, Mysore.

2.     Check out the Brindavan Garden

The Brindavan Garden is best recommended to visit during the evening, as the weather will be pleasant at that time. It is 25 km away from the city and located in Mandya district of Karnataka. It is adjacent to Krishnarajasagara dam, and it is built across the Kaveri River. The Brindavan garden has various flowers and fountains all over. In evening at 07:00 PM, the fountain garden starts playing music and light shows.

One can also opt for a motorboat to cross the river at Rs 20 per person. The entry timings are 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM and the entry fees are Rs 20 (for any above 7 years).

Location: KRS dam, Mysore.

3.     Retail Therapy at Mysore

Mysore is mainly known for sandalwood, as the city is full of sandal trees. Other than that, it is also popular for its sweets called as ‘Mysore Pak’ and last but not the least is ‘Mysore Silk Sarees’. While there are many stores you can visit to purchase but the Government Silk Weaving factory is the best place to buy silk sarees at rational prices.

There are no entry fees for visiting here, the timings are 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Location: Asokapuram, Mananthody Road, Mysore.

4.     Cycling and Skydiving

Explore the temples and markets, and absorb the culture of the city by cycling your way across the city. The more adventurous ones can opt for skydiving offered at Skydiving Tandem Camp. Owing to its immense popularity, it has become one of the most fun-filled things to do in Mysore.

5.     Food

Mysore is popular for its ‘Mysore Masala Dosa’, a masala dosa with an extra hint of flavours added to make it spicy. Other food items are shavige payasam, chiroti, kosambari, vange bhath and south meals will be a treat to your desire for food.  Some popular hotels in Mysore include The Foodie Restaurant, Vinayaka Mylari, and Dosa point to name a few.

A potpourri of culture and tradition

Among other things to do can be to visit the holy place, Chamundeshwari Temple. If you are visiting during the Dusshera festival, then you must witness the grandeur of the Mysore Dassera Celebrations. If you have kids accompanying you, then you should also check out the GRS Fantasy Park to experience an amazing day with your whole family.

These activities and places depict why a trip to Mysore is sure to stay on your mind for a long time.