The Different Clubs And Bars Of Madrid, Spain

By: Catrin Austin

When the sun goes down, it’s time for your stag group to head out and enjoy the action in Madrid. This article will show how there is no shortage of choice and availability of excitement in this Spanish capital. In true Spanish style, the Madrid nightlight only peaks when the witching hour is past and the parties are in full swing. It is only when the sun starts peeking over the buildings at dawn that you can truly agree that you have enjoyed the night out and is having fun in the Spanish environment. Below is an insight into some of the most popular and well-known clubs in Madrid.

The Gran Via

Arguably one of the most famous streets in Madrid, the Gran Via is the hub of this Spanish town’s entertainment environment. The Gran Via, translated as the Great Way, is the go-to point for all fun-seeking individuals and the majority of the Madrid-based clubs are found at this location. Full of bars, clubs, and enjoyable restaurants, this street is popular for stag events, hen parties, and general weekend parties in Europe.

The Gran Via is a long street with a plethora of alleys and side streets shooting off the main length. The streets are filled with tapas bars, cocktail rooms, and hostelries for younger tourists. This area offers good food, good drinks, and good fun for hours on end. Bars on the Gran Via are discussed below.

Del Diego

As with the majority of the nightlife in Madrid, there is a dash of sophistication present at the Del Diego bar. Regularly considered one of the high-quality bars, this location has a cool blend of classic cocktails with cool tapas and lively fun times. Del Diego is a venue that is classy without losing its unique fun and oozing a pulse of urban city life – Madrid style.


If you are old-fashioned and searching for a traditional Spanish bar, then the Matador may be the most suitable saloon on the Gran Via for your needs. A cool change of pace when compared to the Del Diego making it ideal for a few liveners before heading off to a wild Spanish night in Madrid. Of course, there are more than bars in Madrid for a night out on the town and the clubs are discussed below.

Sala Sol

The Sala Sol is one of the most popular and well-known resorts in Madrid since the late 1970s. From the soul and funk of the past decades, the music produced by the DJs in this The Different Clubs And Bars Of Madrid, Spainscene will take over from early evening to beyond midnight and until the sun begins to peak over the Spanish hills.


Pacha is one of the most well-known and well-attended clubs in Madrid. The mega club is a pulsating venue with throbbing music provided by world-class DJs for dancers surrounded by strobe lights. The night rarely begins becoming busy before 3am, so it is worthwhile spending time getting drinks and enjoying food before heading off for an enjoyable dance at Pacha. There are various floors at the club, so you can enjoy different types of music at one time.


A final nightclub in this Spanish town is Joy and this is an enjoyable option for techno music lovers. From house dancers to laser lighting, Joy is a classic venue with a sunken dance floor promoting nights out for dancers every night. You can view the dancers on the sunken floor from sofas and tables on the balconies and keeps the evening hopping until early the next morning. As with all venues in the city, this club only gets going early in the morning as the people sway to the music.