Tips For Planning An Office Refurbishment

Office refurbishments and fit-outs can be a challenge and if you need some inspiration, you should look at the latest trends. When you follow these trends, you will get the creative juices flowing and find ideas for your office space. It is important to remember that a happy workforce will be more productive and improvements should ensure that everyone in the office is happier.

Create Experience Drive Spaces

More and more businesses are looking to create experience-driven spaces when designing their office. A great way to boost morale in the office is to have a fun and quirky breakout area. You need to create a space away from workstations where your employees can sit back and relax, regardless of the size of the office or your budget. These spaces can have a dual purpose as a meeting area for smaller informal meetings.

If you are unsure where to start with these spaces, there are some ideas that people have used in their commercial office design:

  • Private cubicles that have soft furnishings from beanbags to low level garden seating. This will create a personal space where employees can relax and come out feeling energised.
  • A gaming zone, which is open to interpretation. You can have a ping-pong table or some retro arcade games in this area.
  • A coffee station, which is a nice break from the traditional kitchen. Coffee and tea making facilities can be housed around coffee shop style island seating.
  • A library area where employees can read or get some screen time that is not work-related. A quiet reading area is a great place for people to restore their senses.

Understand the Importance of Privacy

It is now the norm to have open-plan offices and add the odd conference room or meeting room to the sides of the office. However, you do need to consider privacy and to accommodate this many businesses have privacy pods. These areas are great for employees to work in a more focused space. When you use your space intelligently, you will find the construction of private booths will be easy even if you have a small or medium-sized business.

Maximise Your Light and Space

Grey and blue partition walls are outdated along with dim and artificial lighting. The modern office is generally zoned with glass partitions, which break up the space. The glazing of these partitions allows the maximum light exposure and will act as great soundproofing. Another trend that is becoming more popular is suspended ceilings, which allow for more flexible lighting options and work very well with the glass partitions.

Ensure Health and Well being

By 2020, cardiovascular disease and mental health disorders will be the driving force behind the majority of non-communicable diseases according to the World Health Organisation. This is why you need to be proactive and be mindful of how you can improve the working environment to promote health and well being. This will ensure that your employees are always feeling good.

To achieve this, many businesses are looking at biophilic design and incorporating soothing elements into their office design. These elements include living walls which acknowledges that urban life is causing a disconnect from nature. When you incorporate natural elements in the office, you will reduce blood pressure, heart rate, stress and improve creativity and productivity. You could look to office refurbishment Reading for plenty more ideas.

A living wall will have plants growing in substrates or soil and will have a built-in irrigation system. This is both aesthetically pleasing and an environment improves. The wall can control humidity and heat in the offer. This is also a better approach compared to the odd pot plant around the office that is desperate for water and light.

Make Your First Impression Count

Your reception area should not be neglected and will set the first impression that people have of your business. It will also set the overall tone of the business in terms of services, culture, and ethos.

Getting away from plain seating, many companies have statement pieces instead and will incorporate certain design features like digital walls into this area. Charging stations are also popular and will show any visitor that you put customer needs first.