Top 5 Destinations For A Family Holiday In 2018

The chance to get together as a family and enjoy some of your favourite moments are a great way to bond and cherish each others company. You can enjoy activities, the beaches, the sun, sand and plenty of entertainment as a family. However, the most stressful part of a holiday is finding the right destination to go to cater to everyone. As we move closer to the Autumn and Winter seasons there’s no better time to book your perfect family holiday. If you’re unsure about where to go here are a few ideas for you.


Looking for a tropical and vibrant destination that gives a bit of a wow factor for the family to enjoy? Why not explore Hawaii which is filled with stunning beaches and beautiful ocean water. It’s not just a popular holiday destination for couples. There’s plenty to keep the children occupied with many activities to enjoy, there really is plenty to do. From donkey riding to helicopter and aeroplane tours, it really is an ideal destination for families to enjoy.

Orlando, Florida

There’s no better destination to keep the kids entertained than the home of the Walt Disney Resort. They can outlive some of their favourite childhood memories in the Hogwarts Express and meet some of their favourite cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Minnie and Mickey Mouse. It’s not just the kids that keep entertained too, there’s plenty to do for every member of the family so there’s enough for everyone.

Algarve, Portugal

Home to some of the world’s gorgeous beaches, it’s a brilliant destination for a family who are just looking to kick back and enjoy the blazing Sun in their lounge chair. The coastline provides golden swept sand and crystal clear water. There is also ideal accommodation to suit the whole family ranging from Algarve villa rentals to 5-star hotels, so there are options to cater to your requirements.

Berlin, Germany

If it’s a city break with an educational and exploration type feel to it, being one of the biggest cities in Europe, Berlin will provide you with plenty to do. Home to some of the best museums and galleries that a place can offer, they’re all ideal for families to enjoy and learn. If you still need an excuse there’s also plenty of food and drink to tuck into so your family will never go hungry.

Dublin, Ireland

Another ideal city break destination on the list, Dublin is a lively and entertaining place that boasts a friendly atmosphere welcoming to everyone of all ages. It can be on the more expensive side from the prices of local restaurants and pubs which it’s well known for, but it’s all worth it considering the experiences you can have in and around the city. As it’s a small city, it’s also relatively easy to get around so there won’t be too much complaining about the travelling side of it.

These options are different in their own way so it provides you with a range of destinations to choose from, with their own little perks. Whatever you choose, just be sure to cherish the moments you have with the family and make the most of the experience in exploring a different scene.